Entrepreneurial Counsel

Corporate Law

 Full Service Corporate Counseling for Emerging Companies

IBV Advisory Group Inc. supports entrepreneurs, small businesses and any start-up with a big idea and the ambition to match.  We provide targeted, bottom-line, straightforward legal advice to technology start-ups, innovative entrepreneurs and seasoned investors.  We understand the challenges of a start-up in all aspects from building and motivating a team, creating scalable processes designed to maximize results, and dealing with infrastructure issues.

Clients tell us we “get it”: we “get” them and we “get” what they’re doing and what they are going through.  Because of this connection, we are able to deliver more relevant, non-nonsense practical legal advice.  IBV Advisory Group Inc. offers comprehensive legal strategies and solutions for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses.  These services include:

  • Business entity choice and formation
  • Capitalization strategy
  • Corporate governance
  • Stock option plan formation, implementation and maintenance
  • Preparation of Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Executive compensation, employment, and separation agreements
  • Negotiating and structuring of angel, venture capital and debt financing
  • Preparation of technology, license, consulting and other commercial arrangements

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