Private Equity

Corporate Law

IBV Advisory Group Inc. serves private equity investors, partnerships and funds. Our clients rely on us for ongoing advice regarding the development and executive of investment and exit strategies, and the creation of value through acquisitions, divestitures and innovative financing techniques.  IBV Advisory Group Inc. has extensive experience in the private equity arena and is supported by an infrastructure designed to meet the demands of fast-moving transactions.  IBV Advisory Group Inc. has the ability to think like a business partner within the context of an overall investment strategy to provide key business and legal advice on the front end; and to structure the deal to achieve our client’s desired goals.

IBV Advisory Group Inc. takes a pragmatic approach that includes viewing legal issues in commercial terms, evaluating the impact of each issue on potential returns on investment, and pinpointing what matters.  We possess the insight to spot potential roadblocks in advance, and the skill and creativity to either negotiate through them or propose cost-effective alternative approaches.  IBV Advisory Group Inc. has the technical knowledge to create and implement innovative deal structures that accurately reflect unique terms and complex financial formulas.

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