Mission Statement

IBV Advisory Group Inc.

Your lawyers should work smarter for you, not just work more.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of talk about the Great Revolution in legal practice, but the bulk of corporate and transactional work still runs on the handcrafted, $500+ per hour model; $700 if you want a big firm partner. The principal methods for delivery of legal services today are about 30 years out of date, and I started IBV Advisory Group Inc. with the goal of reinventing the way our profession works.

Clients need agile response, access to expert talent, lawyers with business sense, and predictable pricing and billing. When you’re dealing with a law practice, you should always know who you are dealing with and who is helping you make key decisions. Transparency is the key.

What you need is an accessible lawyer who want to get the deal closed, just like you do.

As a real estate and finance expert, I know that many transactions follow predictable paths. With a little organization, business process work and smart technology, most engagements can be run much more efficiently, in a cost-effective manner.

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