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Established in 2010, the law practice of IBV Advisory Group Inc. is a California professional law corporation, specializing in real estate, corporate, and business immigration legal advice. Based in Los Angeles, California, with one satellite office in London, the practice represents corporations, private and institutional investors, and entrepreneurs in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, on transactions throughout the United States.

Our founding attorney, Evelyn Ginossi, has significant experience in handling foreign direct investment transactions by new entrants into the US and California markets and also serves as outside general counsel for some of these companies, advising on start-up and formation matters as well as ongoing company matters.Ms. Ginossi has extensive experience in complex real estate transactions dating back to the early 2000’s, with an emphasis on real estate finance, leasing, as well as the purchase and sale of office and retail buildings, apartments, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores located throughout the United States. During this time, she has managed and worked on acquisitions and dispositions of office, industrial and retail properties totaling over $2 billion.

Ms. Ginossi received her undergraduate degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations from the University of California, Santa Barbara, her Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, and her postgraduate certificate in Law from the University of Westminster in London, England.Ms. Ginossi is a member of the California State Bar, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. Ms. Ginossi is also an active supporter of numerous local charities, public interest groups, and is a graduate of the Leadership Manhattan Beach program.

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Look Out for Misleading Solicitations Targeting California Business Entities

Several of our clients have recently received official-looking letters from an entity called California State Corporations and a few others companies asserting that the California entities are not in compliance with California law.  These companies essentially passe themselves off as a branch of the state government where there is actually no affiliation or connection.  These solicitations are not being made by the California Secretary of State’s office and are not being made by or on behalf of any governmental entity. The mailings imply that the entities are either not in compliance or are required to complete enclosed paperwork and return it along with a fee ranging anywhere from$49.50 to $150 for obtaining a Certificate of Status. Please note that business entities are not ordinarily required to obtain a Certificate of Status with the California Secretary of State, unless for a specific transaction-related purpose, such as in commercial real estate financing. Should you require a Certificate of Status, we an assist you in obtaining this document.  Although a business entity can use an intermediary to submit filings, request a certificate of status, and pay fees to our office, no business is required to go through another private entity in order to obtain documents or certificates from the Secretary of State’s office and no private entity can issue these documents.  The California Secretary of State only charges $15 for the first certificate and $5 for each additional certificate – NOT the $49.50 this particular scam asserts. Furthermore, the scam claims that obtaining the document will take seven to 10 business days, when turnaround times are currently only 24 to 48 hours....

U.S. Consular Posts in Canada Temporarily Nonimmigrant Visa Processing for Non-Canadians for the Next Three Months

Third Country Nationals are any non-Canadians applying for a nonimmigrant visa.  This includes visa categories such as the O-1, L-1, E-2 and E-3 visas for Australians.   U.S. consulates and embassies in Canada have temporarily suspended nonimmigrant visa processing for non-Canadians during June, July and August (2014) due to staffing issues. If your appointment has already been scheduled, you will not be affected by these changes in service. Please note also that this does not apply to applicants who live in Canada with a valid Canadian immigration status. Currently, the only consulates with remaining availability during the month of September are Calgary and Vancouver.  However, this is subject to change so please plan in advance. The Toronto and Ottawa posts are currently scheduling visa appointments in October and do not plan to release any earlier appointments during the summer months. There is the possibility of the Ottawa Embassy assisting in scheduling appointments for applicants who hold senior or executive positions with their U.S. employers.  However, it is wise to consider all interview options available in each individual circumstance and plan accordingly. Should you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ibvadvisorygroup.com or (310)...

Can a Foreigner be a Shareholder of an S-Corporation?

Becoming an S-Corporations Some startup companies benefit from starting out as an S-corporation, while others remain C- Corporations.   Corporations can elect to remain C-Corporations for a number of reasons, including tax deductions only available for C-Corporations, the corporation does not qualify as an S-Corporation, or the shareholders’ desire to have the opportunity to exclude from gross income 100% (until December 31, 2013, thereafter 50%) of the gain from the sale of “qualified small business stock” . Generally a corporation fails to qualify for S-Corporation status if one or more of the following situations apply:  ANY owner of the corporation is another business entity or a non-resident alien (as described further below) The corporation will be owned by more than 75 persons The corporation plans to issue more than one class of stock (i.e., special allocations of profits and losses will be made that are not proportionate to the equity percentage of each owner). Non-resident Aliens and S-Corporations Although the tax code permits certain foreigners to be shareholders of S-Corporations, it is generally not advised, as foreigners who do not stay in the country long enough during a particular year can inadvertently cause the corporation to lose its S-Corporation status.  This can cause adverse and unintended tax consequences to the other S-Corporation shareholders. Whether a foreigner is a non-resident alien does not depend on the visa class held by the immigrant.  Rather, under the IRS code, only a green card holder or one who meets the “Substantial Presence Test” determines whether an alien is eligible to be an S Corporation shareholder. However, individuals under certain visas such as the F-1...

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