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IBV Advisory Group Inc., negotiates, drafts and reviews commercial leases for properties of all sizes.  IBV Advisory Group Inc. represents both landlords and tenants in the leasing of retail, office and industrial space.  Our representation has ranged from preparing customized office leases for large multi-tenant buildings to negotiating restaurant leases on behalf of tenants.  Our clients include owners and tenants in commercial properties such as offices, mixed-use developments, retail stores and shopping centers. Our representation of commercial landlords and tenants includes helping resolve or, if necessary, litigate leasing disputes.

We handle all types of leases for California clients, including commercial leases, ground leases, net leases, triple net leases, loft leases, and sublease agreements. We have the experience and knowledge to represent clients in the most delicate and complex leasing negotiations.

Our extensive experience in advising clients about lease agreements that will allow them to achieve their business goals as efficiently as possible. We work to structure leases so that clients have the flexibility they need during the term of a lease. We ensure that our clients’ rights and interests in a lease are protected, now and in the future.

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