An increased number of Australians are now looking to call the US home, as figures from the US Department of Homeland Security (USCIS) show that a total of 35,353 E-3 Visas were issued in 2012, an increase of nearly 4,000 applications from the 2010 total.  This E-3 Visa figure includes both principle applicants, renewal applicants and all dependent applicants.

The figures show a rise in the popularity of the E-3 Visa with Australians, which was established in 2005, as the E-3 Visa had only 1,918 successful applicants in 2006.  However, in reality, this is only a slight bump up in numbers from the approximately 2,000 new applications that are approved each year.

Only 10,500 new E-3 Visas are issued annually during each fiscal year, which runs from October 1st to September 30th.   The quota was not reach for the U.S. fiscal year ending September 30, 2013.  Spouses and children of applicants do not count against the quota, nor do applicants extending their E3 visas whilst still in the U.S. and working for the same employer.  Many Australians see these numbers as an opportunity to build upon their career in the US, at a time when countries like the UK are making it increasingly difficult for skilled migrant workers to enter the country.

Another appeal of the E-3 Visa is the ability for dependents to work in the US, which is a benefit not available to dependents of H-1B holders.

The E-3 Visa is currently only available to Australians, although there has been talk around recent immigration reform which would extend the E-3 Visa category to Irish immigrants in the future as well:

However, to date, no such reform has been implemented into law and the E-3 Visa remains exclusively to Australians.

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